I have explored and researched “International Medical Group” (IMG)   medical insurance through my businesses independent insurance agent I have used for  over 10 years.  In an email to me he said…

 “They are an A.M. Best “A” rated company, and a leader in the travel insurance market.  This policy appears to be the best value.  It will cover each member for medical expenses incurred during the travel time outside of the U.S.    In addition, after talking with an IMG account manager,we were informed that each person who will be snowmobiling must elect the “extreme sports rider” to cover the additional risk.”

Unfortunately, they will only cover participants of this event up to the age of 65. We tried to get them to do a special policy for this structured event and they declined

At Age 49 I have gone ahead and signed up online  for the Patriot Travel Medical Insurance® with Extreme Sports Rider for a month with zero deductable and $100,000 policy, it cost me $90.06.  For those participants who qualify for the IMG policy click here for more information and online enrollment.  There is also a phone number to call if you have additional questions.  I am still researching a solution for over age 65 and will post my results hopefully later this week..