We are in the final stages of safety planning for the 2010 MichCanSka event and have strived to make this event the standard for safety preparation for long distance snowmobile events. It is very important for the long term success of this event that we address safety planning systematically and take it very seriously.

It has come to my attention that there are still participants who have not reviewed the information on this site. This site defines what is the minimum Safety Gear required and recommended to participate in the 2010 MichCanSka event. It also addresses and provides recommendations on gear specifics, purpose, tips as well as some options on where you can purchase. This site also allows individuals to share their tips and experience, by clicking on the comment links.

 I have added to the  Safety Documents sections,  check lists to make the process easier on what items you need to plan on having for the trip. You also need to download and read the “Safety Requirements and Guidelines (final)”, read and sign the “2010 MichCanSka Safety Release” document and also fill out and follow the instructions on the “Participant Personal Information” form

Please remember it is your responsibility to check the web site regularly or subscribe to get automatic updates. If you have any questions, please email me or contact me at (903) 238-3393


Pete Pattullo

Safety Coordinator, 2010 MichCanSka

P.S. I do not have email addressed for all team members, please pass the word onto your other team members or give them a call to make sure everyone is getting the word.