Snobunje or equivalent method of getting a sled unstuck

  i.      Purpose:  The Snobunje is a tool that uses very strong stretch cord bundled in a corrugated vinyl tube. It has a hook on one end that attaches to the ski of the stuck sled and either another sled or has handle on the other end. It maximizes the pulling forces your body or another sled can produce when pulling out a stuck snowmobile.

  ii.      Recommendations: There are two versions of the Snobunje, it is recommended you have at least one of these (or another proven method) for each Team participating in the event. The Rattler model is for sled to person pulling, the Cobra is for sled to sled.

  iii.      Example Options & Price:

  1. Snobunje Rattler @ Pattullo & Sons Sports (989) 673-6130 $45.00 (at cost)
  2. Snobunje Cobra@ Pattullo & Sons Sports (989) 673-6130 $55.00 (at cost)

   iv.      Additional Tips: If you can afford it get one of each… you’ll be glad you did.