Hot Hands Air-activated  warmers (150 hours)

   i.      Purpose:  These air-activated heating pads are an excellent source of emergency heat, especially in survival situations in extremely cold conditions. The body can survive for weeks without food, days without water, but only a few hours or even minutes without enough heat. They are a critical component in surviving overnight or multiple days in blizzard conditions. They also are an important part of preventing someone with serious injuries from going into shock.  

   ii.      Recommendations: Each snowmobile and rider is required to carry 150 hours of Hand warmers in their Personal Survival Kit. These are in addition to ones carried for other purposes or use during normal cold riding conditions.

   iii.      Example Options & Price:

  1. Grapper Hand warmers – 7 hour, 40 pair (280 hours)  @ George Pattullo (989) 673-6130 for $30.00
  2. Grapper mini-hand warmers 7 hour, 10 pair (70 hours) @ Cabela’s for $10.00
  3. Heatmax HotHands 2  10 hour , 10 pair (100 hours) @ Walgreens for $8.00

Additional Tips: Beyond the uses described above, you can also use hand warmers to keep your drinking water from freezing, especially if put in a small soft cooler. They will also protect electronic devices like phones, GPS and cameras with LCD displays from freezing at temps lower than -20 F. Make sure the ones you buy are fresh, they start to deteriorate after just a year, also sealing them in a food saver or ziplock helps