Personal Emergency Shelter – Bivvy

fits in the palm of your hand

fits in palm of hand

             i.      Purpose: This gear is used as an emergency shelter, that you climb inside with your snowmobile suit on or off depending on the temps, it is designed to block the wind and reflect 80-90% of your body heat. Most likely use would be during a blizzard or white out…

            ii.      Recommendations: There are two low cost versions on the market that come highly recommended for our purpose:  The AMK Heat sheets Emergency Bivvy  or Adventure Medical Kits Thermo-Lite 2 Bivvy have very good ratings and are inexpensive.  The “Themo-Lite 2” is a little more durable and has  venting to help with trapping moisture. See AMK Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy video.

          iii.      Examples Options & Price:

  1. Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy for 1 person @ for $11.49
  2. Thermo-Lite 2 Bivvy for 1 person@ for $26.45

          iv.      Additional Tips: My research shows these Bivvy’s will keep you warm in extreme cold conditions, but have a negative downside of holding in moisture, especially if used in warmer (above zero) temps where you get too hot and sweat. You might consider using the Bivvy only in extreme conditions where your snowmobile suit and Hot Hands are not enough protection from the wind and temps.