72+ hour supply of food and water

   i.      Purpose:  Emergency supply of food and water in case we have to spend the night or nights in the wilderness most likely during a blizzard or white out.

  ii.      Recommendations: The minimum amount of water ration recommended for a 72 hour period is 1 liter or 2- 16 oz bottles, minimally you should pack 6-8 high energy bars (high protein, high Carb), this is not the time to diet, you will loose weight no matter how much many calories you are able to consume at this point. Stay away from bars that are gooey or nougaty in consistency, they will freeze solid and will be impossible to eat, unless you like popsicles at -20 below.   

   iii.      Example Options & Price:

  1. You will get your best deal at Walmart or local Grocery.
  2. Ensign Peak Insulated Cooler Bag @ Amazon.com $3.95

  iv.      Additional Tips: Remember these are emergency supplies and should be kept separate from your everyday snacks, drinks and meals planned on the trail. Using a small insulated cooler bag with a Hot Hands, will keep your drinks from freezing on those -20+ F days