Water Resistant flashlight with Lithium batteries or wind-up

i.      Purpose: An emergency flashlight in case we have to spend the night or nights in the wilderness most likely during a blizzard or white out. It would also come in handy if we are force to work on a sled after dark.

ii.      Recommendations: There is no need to spend more than $25 on a good Water resistant LED flashlight that takes AA Lithium batteries

iii.      Example Options & Price:

  1. MegaBRITE AquaMax Self Powered Waterproof LED Flashlight @ Lowes for $18.97
  2. Wind ‘N Go Ultra Bright 1-Watt Led Waterproof Flashlight (Yellow/ …@ amazon.com for $33.00
  3. Maglite LED 2-Cell AA Black Aluminum Flashlight @ Lowes for $21.24

iv.      Additional Tips: A waterproof LED flashlight with AA Lithium would be best option, but are more expensive (over $50) The lithium batteries are not affected by the extreme cold and are the best choice, the windup or self generating flashlights are ok, but will not hold a charge in extreme cold temps and will constantly have to be cranked. If you get a water resistant flashlight like Maglite above, get AA lithium batteries and store it in a good zip lock bag and it should be fine.